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About PSSA

PSSA Officers

President: Robert Tinker — Trident Seafoods Corporation
Vice-President: Alan Davis — American Seafoods Company, LLC
Treasurer: Amy Lui — Sound Testing, Inc.
Secretary: Robert Tinker — Trident Seafoods Corporation

Board of Directors

Alan Davis — American Seafoods Company, LLC
Robert Dearing — VIGOR
Chris Johnson — Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and Electric, LLC
Will Yates — Lake Union Drydock Company

PSSA History

The Puget Sound Shipbuilders Association was Incorporated in the State of Washington on October 30th, 1945. At the time it was formed, the purpose of the PSSA included:

  • Aiding and assisting its members in the handling of labor and labor relations problems and to promote good labor relations in the ship repair and shipbuilding industry.

  • Carrying on research and studies of the problems common to the shipbuilding and ship repair yards in the Puget Sound. Including such problems as management, operations, and other matters of common interest to the members. With all research and studies made available to the members.

  • Representing its members in negotiations and dealings with labor organizations, labor representatives, and Federal and State governmental agencies and other problems in which members have a common interest.

  • Improving, advancing, and promoting the shipbuilding and ship repair industry in the State of Washington.

The Association met regularly from 1945 through 1990 at which time meetings and actions of the Association stopped.

In 1996, at the urging of the late Al Rainsberger, a group of shipyard safety personnel began meeting on a quarterly basis to discuss common interests, issues, and solution for improving worker safety, managing, and protecting the environment, and common issues relating to city, county, state and federal policies and regulations. As the group recognized the strength of one-voice and the value of information from these meetings, they resurrected the Puget Sound Shipbuilders Association and began meeting as the PSSA.

Today, the PSSA includes shipyards, marine construction and related companies who are an integral part of the shipyard industry.

The PSSA shift in focus now includes:

  • Improving worker safety and health in the ship repair and shipbuilding industry by freely sharing information, learning from one another, and hearing from local subject matter experts on issues affecting the industry.

  • Using the deep knowledge of the maritime industry to strengthen each member's ability to be good stewards of the Puget Sound environment (water, air and land).

  • Using the memberships strength as an industry association to speak as one-voice when challenging issues that may negatively affect the shipbuilding and ship repair industry, including potential changes to federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Since 2007, the Association is proud to have maintained a strong and active Regional Alliance with OSHA. The Alliance allows PSSA and OSHA to partner on projects and share knowledge openly, with the overall goal to reduce worker injuries in the ship repair and shipbuilding industry.

The Association meets quarterly to discuss issues and work towards solutions that support all members. As well as, involving industry experts that allow the members to learn of up-coming regulations, new equipment and methods that will move the industry continually towards a safer workplace and a cleaner environment for all.

Puget Sound Shipbuilder's Association
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